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Swallow - Kingfisher (6' Wide Range)

This 2035mm (6’8”) wide, single door greenhouse is an extremely popular model, ideal for most gardens and for enthusiastic gardeners. Choose between untreated Thermowood, oiled Thermowood or 9 different paint colours. The Kingfisher can be supplied in lengths from 1290mm (4’3”) to 6360mm (20’10”). In addition a Combination shed can be added at the far end of the Kingfisher for additional storage. Roof vents with automatic openers and staging 1 side are included, and additional staging, shelving, vents, and gutter system are available. All glass is toughened as it is in all Swallow greenhouses. Installation in mainland UK is included.

Key Features

++ 2035mm (6ft 8") Wide Wooden Greenhouse ++ Bottom Boards 12mm - Tongue ++ Grooved with stainless steel nails. ++ Glazing Grooves to hold glazing ++ 3mm Toughened Glazing ++ Roof Vent 6x4=1, 6x6, 6x8 and 6x10= 2 6x12, 6x14, 6x16, 6x18 and 6x20=4 ++ Bayliss XL Autovent for all vents ++ Full length of Slatted Staging to one side - 520mm wide, 745mm high. ++ 20mm Black PVC Damp Barrier  ++ 10 Year Warranty  ++ Installation Included in Price


Standard Dimensions: A) 6'8 (2035mm) C) 5'8 (1730mm) D) 7'9 (2370mm) E) 1'10(570mm ) F) 6'6 (1980mm)

Kingfisher (6 x 4)

6'8 x 4'3 / 2035mm x 1290mm

Total Cost £2792.00

  • Sizes

    Kingfisher (6 x 4) - (6'8 x 4'3 / 2035mm x 1290mm) - £2792.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 6) - (6'8 x 6'4 / 2035mm x 1920mm) - £2988.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 8) - (6'8 x 8'4 / 2035mm x 2550mm) - £3186.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 10) - (6'8 x 10'5 / 2035mm x 3180mm) - £3431.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 12) - (6'8 x 12'7 / 2035mm x 3840mm) - £4156.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 14) - (6'8 x 14'8 / 2035mm x 4470mm) - £4450.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 16) - (6'8 x 16'9 / 2035mm x 5100mm) - £4697.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 18) - (6'8 x 18'10 / 2035mm x 5730mm) - £4918.00
    Kingfisher (6 x 20) - (6'8 x 20'10 / 2035mm x 6360mm) - £5189.00
  • Finish

    Your Swallow Thermowood Greenhouse frame can be painted in a multitude of colours at a small additional cost to perfectly match your outdoor space.

    Thermowood Natural +£0.00

    Thermowood Oiled +£279.00

    Lily White +£698.00

    Bracken +£698.00

    Olive +£698.00

    Railings - Dark Navy +£698.00

    Anthracite +£698.00

    Oxford Stone +£698.00

    Vert de Terre +£698.00

    Purbeck Stone +£698.00

    Moles Breath +£698.00

    Lulworth Blue +£698.00
  • Staging

    If you need more work space for your potting and planting you can choose to add another full length of staging to add to the one you get as standard, this will be attached to your wall.

    Extra Staging +£77.00

    Extra Staging (Oiled) +£85.00
  • Shelving

    Add a High Level Shelf to your greenhouse for extra storage. Perfect for all those pots and tools you can choose to add one shelf which runs the whole length of your greenhouse

    High Level Shelf +£39.00

    High Level Shelf (Oiled) +£43.00
  • Rainwater Systems

    Don't waste all that water that you can get off your greenhouse roof, add the quality PVC Gutter System complete with downpipe to your order.

    Gutter - Black +£184.00

    Gutter - White +£184.00
  • Crestings

    Add this ornate cresting to the ridge line of your greenhouse for a more traditional look

    Crestings +£129.00
  • Side Vent

    Ventilation is important for every greenhouse to increase airflow and to control the inside temperature.Choose to add these low level opening side/rear windows.

    Side Vents Thermowood      £123.00

    Side Vents Oiled      £135.00

    Side Vents Matched Finish      £153.00
  • Additional Door

    An extra rear door can be added to your greenhouse to enable you to have access at both ends.

    Extra Door - Thermowood      £337.00

    Extra Door - Oiled      £371.00

    Extra Door - Colour matched      £422.00
  • Door Handles

    An attractive ornate black door handle is available to add to your order

    Black Ornate Door Handle      £30.00
  • Bench

    These high quality 2 tier slatted benches are freestanding and can be placed where you wish, these are suitable for inside or outside use.

    Bench (4' x 1'9/1200mm x 540mm) - Thermowood      £296.00

    Bench (4' x 1'9/1200mm x 540mm) - Oiled      £326.00

    Bench (4' x 1'9/1200mm x 540mm) Colour Matched      £370.00

    Bench (6' x 1'9/1800mm x 540mm) - Thermowood      £388.00

    Bench (6' x 1'9/1800mm x 540mm) - Oiled      £427.00

    Bench (6' x 1'9/1800mm x 540mm) Colour Matched      £485.00
  • Coldframe

    Matching cold frames sturdily built with toughened glass hinged roofs.

    Coldframe - Wren (4'5 x 2'1/1350mm x 640mm) - Thermowood      £386.00

    Coldframe - Wren (4'5 x 2'1/1350mm x 640mm) - Oiled      £425.00

    Coldframe - Wren (4'5 x 2'1/1350mm x 640mm) - Colour Matched      £483.00

    Coldframe - Sparrow (4'5 x 3'4/1350mm x 1010mm) Thermowood      £454.00

    Coldframe - Sparrow (4'5 x 3'4/1350mm x 1010mm) - Oiled      £500.00

    Coldframe - Sparrow (4'5 x 3'4/1350mm x 1010mm) - Colour Matched      £568.00


Kingfisher (6 x 4)

6'8 x 4'3 / 2035mm x 1290mm

Finish: Thermowood Natural




Free installation on all Swallow Greenhouses.A suitable, flat and level base must be prepared prior to the delivery and installation. More details are availb ale in our Information section.

Colour Matching

Colour matched options will  match the selected Greenhouse colour option and will be confirmed when your order is received

Delivery Details

Free Delivery* within Mainland England and Wales. Delivery times - standard & oiled up to 10 weeks. Painted up to 20 weeks. 

Please check our Information section for more details and access requirements.

*Free Delivery is limited to UK Mainland excluding areas 15 miles further North of Glasgow. Areas further than this and Offshore Islands would require a custom quote. 

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